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  1. Office 365 deactivated after upgrade

    I've had a subscription to Office 365 for years. Microsoft doesn't mind if you share your subscriptions with friends or family. I would really only recommend this if you know the person. But I can buy Office 365 for $99 a year. And I get 6 users who can use it. If I took one of those...
  2. Windows 11 Hyper-V on Windows 11

    you should be able to use the built in Default Switch and just use that without having to create your own External virtual switch. Creating your own way back in the day used to be the only way, but since the Anniversary update or thereabouts in Windows 10, they introduced a default switch...
  3. Mac users

    It's not very different whatsoever to Windows 10, so I would expect Mac users to have the same experience as they always have had.
  4. Office 365 deactivated after upgrade

    Hold up, Office 365 is a subscription model that you buy directly through Microsoft. Did you buy a standard office license from an online vendor a few months ago? Did you actually switch from using Office 365 to using a perpetual licensed copy of Microsoft office?
  5. Solved WSL installation error

    Did you happen to enable the Windows Subsystem for Linux using the Microsoft Store? I tried that last night and ran into this exact issue. Go to Start, Windows Features and tick the box for WIndows Subsystem for Linux and Virtual Machine Platform. Restart the computer. Then try your Ubuntu...
  6. A preview of WSL in the Microsoft Store is now available for Windows 11

    i gave this a shot today on my Windows 11 install and it didn't work so well. It installed via the store, but when you clicked on the Run option, it opened a command prompt window that said "press any key to continue", but pressing any key just echoed that key to the screen and hitting enter...
  7. It's Official. Windows 11 is Vista 2.0

    my wife's laptop has been running 8.1 for years and it's literally been one of the most stable computers I have ever worked with.
  8. Surprisingly easy time installing on unsupported hardware

    Updates make sense. Why would they put in the time and effort to make their own systems unpatched. They don't want that egg on their face. At least I wouldn't think they would. I hadn't fired up my NUC to see if it was going to update today or not.
  9. Surprisingly easy time installing on unsupported hardware

    Yeah, i've had no problems installing on unsupported CPU's as long as the device has TPM option. With secure boot, i've been able to install with it turned off. It only seems to require that the option to enable it exists, it doesn't need to be enabled.
  10. Create bootable Windows 11 ISO without TPM, Secure Boot and RAM requirements.

    I've tried Rufus, but I don't see the 2 options. I've also setup Windows 10 on a gen 1 Hyper-V machine, not meeting the requirements, but don't get the option.
  11. Solved HDD Vs SSD

    I happen to be using a 2TB WD SN 850, it comes in over 7,000 on the read. Is it worth the money.....welllllll........... On benchmarks it's fantastic. And if I am just copying a file from 1 place to another, it's great. But day to day's pretty much impossible to tell any...
  12. Solved HDD Vs SSD

    Yes, in theory SSD's do have a limited lifespan. With that said, most of us will long outgrow the capacity of our drives long before we reach the end of the drives write cycles. I have SSD's that are 10+ years old and they still work, but they are 80GB drives and aren't used for anything...
  13. Solved Confused About Activating With Hyper V

    When it comes to running Windows on a VM, I simply use the trial editions that Microsoft provides. I don't have any need for a legit license for a VM, as it's usually a short lived test environment.
  14. Multi-Boot Windows versions Easy method

    I'm pretty sure that you can rearm the 180 day trial 5 you can actually get 2.5 years out of a single trial install if you like. Just run this: slmgr -rearm
  15. I'm lost on enabling secure boot

    The thing that is perplexing is that from my testing, you only need to have support for Secure Boot to actually clean install or to upgrade to WIndows 11. No workarounds are needed, and no error messages or warnings are presented when I have secure boot disabled.
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