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This tutorial will show you how to change the touch keyboard layout for your account in Windows 11.

Windows 11 includes a touch keyboard you can click/tap on to enter text. This can be handy if you have a PC with a touchscreen without a physical keyboard.

There are four different layouts you can use when inputting text with the touch keyboard. Select the keyboard settings icon in the upper-left corner of the touch keyboard to view and switch between options.

Select the icons just below the layout options to dock and undock your keyboard. This allows you to keep it in a stationary position or move it to a different place on your screen to best fit your workstyle.

Starting with Windows 11 build 25179 and now for all in Windows 11 build 25197, Microsoft has changed the key repeat rate to 20 keys per second for the default and traditional touch keyboard layout so it feels more responsive.

Keyboard LayoutDescription
DefaultThis layout is optimized for touchscreen typing. It has larger keys and some keys have been removed to make it easier to type.
SplitThis layout splits the keyboard so that one half of it is near the left edge of the screen and the other is on the right. This makes it easier to type when holding a touchscreen PC with two hands. (Not available in all languages)
SmallThis layout is compact keyboard that can be moved anywhere on your screen. (Not available in all languages)
TraditionalThis layout most replicates a standard external keyboard. It has all the functions and includes an expanded selection of keys.
Handwriting panelUse this to enter text with a pen or your finger.
12-key layout (Japanese only)A keyboard layout for Japanese characters that places keys in a 3x4 grid.
50-on layout (Japanese only)A keyboard layout for Japanese characters that places keys in a grid with 5 rows. Makes it easier for Japanese speakers to find a specific Hiragana character.

EXAMPLE: Touch keyboard layouts






Here's How:

1 Open the Touch Keyboard.

2 Click tap on the Settings (gear) icon in the upper-left corner of the touch keyboard. (see screenshot below)

3 Perform one of the following actions to select the touch keyboard layout you want:
  • Click/tap on Handwriting.
  • Click/tap on Keyboard layout, and click/tap on Default, Small, Split, or Traditional.

That's it,
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There is an layout “numpad” like, which occurs only when user types in PIN field.
Is there some sort of hack with which you would achieve such view when cursor being place into regular fields?

For our production such style would be more than enough.
Regular one keyboard requires additional hit to switch mode, with numbers. (holding top row symbols is bit too slow). Avoiding installing 3rd party software would be great.

2023-02-09 10_51_19-Windows 11, numberic keyboard only - Nachricht (HTML).png

Think only in Win8 we had interesting option, where numpad block was available straight away in some of offered styles.

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