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This tutorial will show you how to find the old previous computer name in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

The computer name makes it easier to identify your device. For example, if you use multiple computers with your Microsoft account devices.

PCs on a network need unique names so they can identify and communicate with each other. If two PCs have the same name on the same network, it creates a conflict for network communications. Most PCs come with default names, but you can change the computer name.

If the computer name is changed, Windows will save the last old previous computer name in the registry for reference.

Here's How:

1 Open Registry Editor (regedit.exe).

2 Navigate to the key below in the left pane of Registry Editor. (see screenshot below)


3 In the right pane of the SchedulingAgent key, look at the Data (ex: "WIN-SVPD3O177F4") for the OldName string value (REG_SZ). The Data (ex: "WIN-SVPD3O177F4") will be your last old previous computer name.


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