Fresh install Windows 11 on tablet PC : no USB or network in the new desktop


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Windows 11 (ARM)
I'm installing Windows 11 from a bootable USB on a tablet PC, and for some reason it loses access to all USB devices and all network devices after booting into the freshly installed Windows 11 image on the hard drive. If I reboot from the USB, all the drivers are available and working, but only within the little installer. No matter how I do the transition to the Windows 11 desktop, it gets stuck saying "A network connection is required to continue configuring Windows..." At that point, I can't even install drivers from the USB, because all the USB devices and ports are no longer recognized.

Some details:
1. It's strange that the aspect ratio of the screen is slightly skewed in the Windows 11 desktop, but is correct in the little install window when booting from the USB.
2. The same problem occurs with Windows 10, even if it's an official release (and not an insider build)
3. Within the Windows 11 desktop, when I open Device Manager, the wifi adapter appears under Network Adapters and shows the correct driver. But no wifi adapter appears in the Network and Sharing Center.

One strategy I tried was to rescue boot and copy drivers to the hard drive, but even after installing them, nothing worked.

Is there a way to find the difference between the two environments, and copy stuff like registry entries and drivers into the Windows 11 desktop so that it works just like the installer?
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You could use either an unattended answer file to load drivers or use DISM to inject the needed drivers into the WIM file
For the answer file I think it only supports UNC paths so DISM may be better.

You would need to extra the WIM or ESD file from the Windows ISO and follow the instructions to inject the drivers

Once injected and the WIM unmounted you will need to recreate the ISO and image a USB.

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