How Qualcomm FastConnect takes wireless gaming to next level

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A gamer’s set up is important, from the gaming space they create to the hardware within the devices. Setting yourself up to win requires sustained, low ping, high speed connection — and that’s exactly what Qualcomm FastConnect Mobile Connectivity Systems are designed to deliver. FastConnect systems are premium Wi-Fi and Bluetooth platforms that help create immersive, high-performance, wireless experiences across mobile, cloud, and PC gaming.


How do FastConnect systems deliver on the gaming-grade connection you need? Anshel Sag, Principal Analyst from Moor Insights and Strategy, recently sat down with Andy Davidson, Senior Director of Technology Planning at Qualcomm Atheros, Inc., to discuss three game-changing features:
  1. 4-Stream Dual Band Simultaneous (DBS): If you enjoy playing shooters or multiplayer games, you know the importance of packet loss and ping. You may experience high packet loss or high ping when you see lag or stutter. FastConnect 6900 brings a key feature known as 4-Stream DBS which can deliver packets over four concurrent streams, helping to ensure fast, sustained connection and low latency. You can experience this today in devices such as the ASUS ROG Phone 6 or like Anshel, in the Red Magic 7.
  2. High Band Simultaneous (HBS) Multi-Link: FastConnect 7800 enables the must-have Wi-Fi 7 feature HBS Multi-Link, an evolution of 4-Stream DBS for the highest throughput and ultra-low latency possible. Wi-Fi 7 is all about supporting wider channels, like 320MHz or 240MHz. Qualcomm Technologies offers multiple ways to maximize your channel usage, like through contiguous wide channels or through HBS Multi-Link, which establishes a 320MHz channel by combining channels. This can help quickly download a large update or an entire game. Wi-Fi 7 also brings features that help address interference or congestion issues that arise from either multiple devices connected to the same network or even neighboring Wi-Fi networks. Expect to see Wi-Fi 7 devices by early next year to level up your gaming.
  3. Snapdragon Sound technology: Connectivity and latency impact more than just what we see. Snapdragon Sound enhances your Bluetooth connection between earbuds and your gaming device for totally immersive gaming experiences. Snapdragon Sound is designed to fully synchronize your audio experience with the action you see on the screen so there’s no lag time between the device and your earbuds.
Listen to the full podcast on wireless gaming:

No one likes to lose, whether you’re gaming casually or competitively. So to help ensure a winning edge — and an extraordinary gaming experience — FastConnect systems arm you with premium Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity for low latency, high speeds, and a sustained wireless connection.



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