How to set specific login screen image with a GPO


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I am testing group policies for later implementation of windows 11 on our network and cant seem to figure out how to force a specific login screen and lock screen image through a gpo. I've researched it online and I keep finding a bunch of Win 10 gpos and those group policies arent taking affect on the windows 11 machine. I have a policy in place for a specific login image that works on Windows 10 enterprise but the policy isn't coming down for Windows 11. I have it set up under group policy as computer configuration>policies>administrative templates>control panel>personalization>force a specific default lock screen and login image. I know the navigation to file path is correct and I can see the image file is there in a jpg as well. I also having it forcing a specific screen saver under user configuration>policies>administrative templates>control panel>personalization>force specific screensaver. under that directory I also have enabled prevent changing screensaver, enable screensaver, password protect the screensaver, and screensaver timeout. Is there possibly a new implementation in Windows 11 that may require a couple extra steps in order for this policy to work? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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