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Windows 11 Pro v. 23H2

I need to learn how to set up multiple Hyper-v VMs for recording video conference calls including the sound. I am utilizing my Windows 11 Pro ver. 23H2 laptop. I have 2 VMs built and functioning. I have everything setup for enhanced sessions. Both VMs recognize my sound capabilities connected to my laptop. The software scenario is as follows:

2 x VMs on enhanced sessions
1 W11 Pro v. 23H2 laptop
Both signing into a video conference call 2x per week on the "FCC" (Free Conference Call) app
Both VMs have OBS installed on them to use to record from the desktop

These two machines will be doing recordings as a backup to the separate laptop I use as my main source for recording. They are in case something goes wrong with the main recording laptop. I have no problems with the recording settings on the main recording laptop.

I need to know conceptually how sound works with the VMs and the fact that they are NOT going through a server they are being run off a single individual laptop. Can you only record on one VM in that given setup? When setting up the sound for the enhanced session on the VMs do I set it up for "Play on this computer" or "Play on remote computer"? When it refers to "remote computer" is it considering the VM the "remote computer" or is it considering the physical laptop the "remote computer"?

Because I have multiple laptops logged into the same call, I keep headphones plugged in on the main recording computer and I don't want to listen to the usually 4 plus hours of the person rambling on with nonsense (and definitely NOT from 2 laptops) I usually mute the sound on my laptop so I can work on other things during that time. If I mute the sound on my physical laptop that the VMs are running from and using the sound devices from will that mean that OBS will not be recording the audio?

What sound settings do I use for OBS on each VM?

I really need to make this work....all assistance appreciated.


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Windows 11 Pro v. 23H2

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