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Hi folks
The usual Linux distros often come with all sorts of bloat which most would never use but install because there's already a workspace GUI desktop.

The best way round that is to simply install the basic SERVER version, and then add your own choice of desktop and apps

It's quite easy to install say Fedora 40 server, Login and then add your GUI. like KDE especially version 6 which is in Fedora 40 (note still pre-beta but works so far as a VM and a physical machine)

So for KDE install just the wayland plasma and SDDM (you need that as it's the window manager driver). Install also konsole (you want a terminal in the desktop otherwise you have to keep switching to a command mode session) dolphin (file manager), kwrite or kate (wysiwyg text editors), nano for editing config files etc, samba for file sharing, filezilla for sftp file, transfers, a browser e.g firefox and openssh. Then you've got a lean mean machine with a desktop and you can simply add anything else you need to your own choice.

Note for multiple screens also ensure kscreen installed for the KDE system.

Any probs --just post back here. The thing runs perfectly on Win11 pro latest canary insider build with HYPER-V enabled.


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