Microsoft Evaluation Center temporary workaround for accessing trials and kits for Windows

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The Microsoft Evaluation Center enables organizations, and the IT professionals that support them, to download evaluation versions of Microsoft products. This experience is currently unavailable and work is underway to restore it. In the meantime, we have published an article with links to download the evaluation software for Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows Server 2022, Windows Server 2019, and related kits.

As you may have noticed, the Microsoft Evaluation Center is temporarily unavailable. While work is underway to restore this valuable service, you can access Windows client and Windows Server trials, evaluations, and related kits at the links below.

Windows client 90-day evaluations​

Windows 11 EnterpriseWindows 10 EnterpriseWindows 10 Enterprise LTSC
de-de: x64de-de: x64 | x86de-de: x64 | x86
en-gb: x64en-gb: x64 | x86en-gb: x64 | x86
en-us: x64en-us: x64 | x86en-us: x64 | x86
es-es: x64es-es: x64 | x86es-es: x64 | x86
fr-fr: x64fr-fr: x64 | x86fr-fr: x64 | x86
it-it: x64it-it: x64 | x86it-it: x64 | x86
ja-jp: x64ja-jp: x64 | x86ja-jp: x64 | x86
ko-kr: x64ko-kr: x64 | x86ko-kr: x64 | x86
pt-br: x64pt-br: x64 | x86pt-br: x64 | x86
zh-cn: x64zh-cn: x64 | x86zh-cn: x64 | x86
zh-tw: x64zh-tw: x64 | x86zh-tw: x64 | x86

Deployment lab kits​

Note: The Deployment Lab Kits include the 90-day evaluations of Windows 11 or Windows 10 listed above. They are updated every 90 days with a fresh version of the 90-day evaluation software. As a result, please note that the Windows 10 deployment lab kit will be refreshed by May 16th with a new 90-day evaluation of Windows 10 Enterprise.

Windows Server 180-day evaluations​

Windows Server 2022Windows Server 2019
de-de: ISOde-de: ISO
en-us: ISOen-us: ISO
en-us: VHDen-us: VHD
en-us: LOF - ISOen-us: FOD - ISO
es-es: ISOes-es: ISO
fr-fr: ISOfr-fr: ISO
it-it: ISOit-it: ISO
ja-jp: ISOja-jp: ISO
ru-ru: ISOru-ru: ISO
zh-cn: ISOzh-cn: ISO
Windows Server on AzureWindows Server on Azure
Create a Windows Server VM in Azure

Windows Virtual Hardware Lab Kit (VHLK)​



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