Modern Standby-DRIPS (lowest power state) help needed with Intel SoC component (VEN_8086&DEV_9AB.LinkL0)


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I have read several posts and see many regarding modern standby especially how it can be a pain. In my case I am just trying to make the most of it and troubleshoot issues where I can.

This is a brand-new HP Envy TE02 desktop. This PC is having trouble with entering the lowest power state during modern standby. Digging into detail with powercfg power report it never has an issue on the software side but there one component on the hardware side (SoC) that consistently gets the finger pointed at by the sleep report. It is the VEN_8086&DEV_9AB.LinkL0. Using device manager, I find a similar entry (actually 2 instances), assuming the leading 0 got dropped, in the storage controller area and is labeled Intel RST VMD Managed Controller 09AB. No yellow bangs but it says no drivers are installed within the details.

Many times the sleep report has indicated that the 09AB device was active the entire time so the entire HW bucket stands at 0% Low Power State time. Other times like below it can be around 50%.

As a side note, this PC does slowly pulse the power button LED when it is in the lowest power state. At least I think that is what it signifies. It seems when this "problem" device is significantly effecting the power state the LED is steady on yet monitors and HDDs are powered down or in standby. So I am not exactly sure how this power button LED operates from a modern standby standpoint.

This system is up to date including everything that Intel support assistant says it needs. BIOS is up to date.

Research has led to very few clues to this 09AB entry. Yet the sleep report blames it for whatever reason. I have attached a screenshot of an example of the power report.

Does anyone have any thoughts? Thank you.

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