Power-Profile reverts to default, Task Scheduler, thinks the machine is using its battery.


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This machines' history and intended use: New, preloaded with Win-11\Home

1) This is a production box, anything beyond changes that do-not require a reboot, will rarely happen, and/or are not agreeable; this box must remain running.

2) The box is running the OEM preload due to stabiity concerns. Prior to entering its production roll, we spent days, starting with the Out-Of_Box_Experience (OoBE), updating both the OEM drivers and the OS, then finally installing our software, only to experience instability with both. We decided to reset the box to the OEM preload then --only update the OEM drivers, and not update the OS; we now have something resembling a stable running machine.

This box has two issues that 'seem' to be related to power settings:

Power_Plan_Different_View.png -- shows two Win-11 dialogs with different power settings; assumed to be active. My choice is the custom-plan. I previously edited the default 'Balanced' plan, after-which is the first time I noticed the machine revert the settings back to their defaults; it did this twice. Subsequently I created the custom-plan shown in the image, then it happened again; switched the plan back to the default 'Balanced' profile.

The clue of the machine reverting back to 'Balanced' and/or not complying with chosen configuration was, --the machine began doing things that I know was set to something else, E.G. the display was manually set to inactivity of two (02)-hours, began turning-off after five minutes of inactivity. I cannot be sure which of the two, the power-mode or the 'custom power plan' the OS is following.

The question(s) for this concern, why does the OS show a 'Power Mode' of 'Balanced' and an active power-plan as custom? b) Are they both active and conflicting with one another? c) If needed, how to rectify?

Task_Scheduler.png -- The battery never fully charges, even though this machine remains plugged-in 24/7. The included image shows a ninety-five percent charged battery, with active charging in progress.

I have found 'Task Scheduler' not run at the trigger time --with "Start the task only on AC power" check box enabled; see image. It is my thinking that --at some point one or more of the following is taking place:

i) This machine is either switching between the two power sources, then if the OS thinks the box is on battery, the task will not run.

ii) ... always running on battery, while the charger tries to keep-up. Again, if the OS thinks the box is on battery, you are correct, task will not run.

iii) or the OS is confusing things; I certainly am (confused).

Recently I unchecked "Task Scheduler\Conditions\Start the task only on AC power" and the task ran without issue; prior to that point, it did not run at the set trigger time. Moving forward, I'll leave this daily "Task Scheduler\Conditions\Start the task only on AC power" unchecked and monitor. After a few days I'll re-enabled "Task Scheduler\Conditions\Start the task only on AC power"; then compare.

The question on this issue, is/are there any known issues with 'Task Scheduler' that are contributing to this behavior?

This box:
MSI\Bravo-15 (USA)
See attached image for 'this' machines OS ver\build.



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