starting to create your own custom oobe for windows 11! (HELP)

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Hello guys! im back with more knowlage on this. so i found a person name OSJAK that created his own windows 7 oobe for windows 10. i cant seem to figuer out how to install it. but im building my windows vista build off of windows 11 TINY 11 By NTDEV. now i found out where the first logon animation is located. it is located in the firstlogonanimation.html file under C:\windows\system32\oobe\Firstlogonanimation.html and then there is C:\windows\system32\oobe\Firstlogonanimation.exe in which brings up and loads the frist logon animation. so im wondering if this possible. i looked into changing the files. not sure which programs used to decrypt the files to get the host files but im getting closer to creating my own oobe for windows 11. ive already created a windows 7 login screen for windows 11 from help of the delvopers classic logon shell 2. so now what programs do i use to decrypt the files? i tried using resource hacker but that wasnt really much help. im going to try visual studio next.
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