Windows 11, am I on Dev mode?

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I think I have your answer. Go to Windows Update in Settings and then go to Advanced Options and shut off "Receive updates for other Microsoft products," as illustrated below.

Windows Update > Advanced options:

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Windows Update > Advanced options > Receive update for other Microsoft products:

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Thanks for the long detailed reply, Tecknot,

The question I had was why should I use a registry hack when there was a way to toggle of updates using the GUI. I don't mind using registry hacks, but I avoid them when there's a GUI option.

Also, I was talking specifically about turning off Microsoft Store Aps, like notepad and photo viewer. There's a way to turn of just Microsoft Apps which is made very clear in the 51 second video I linked above.

The other issue was confusion on how to navigate to the "Developer Mode" toggle which I have yet to find on my Windows 11 because it may be a product of first opting in on the Windows Insider Program or because it's no longer a part of Windows 11. Or I somehow just couldn't figure out how to navigate to it. I don't know.

Under Advanced options, what you've shown me is a different option for disabling updates which itself is different from the option to disable updates on the main update page, also viewable but not circled on your in line images.

That's three different toggles to turn off updates plus a registry hack, plus another discussed option to turn off driver updates.

So I think we've gotten off track. In terms of my OP, I got what I needed. Regarding all the different options for turning off updates, I'll have to now go back and read/research what each is turning off and make a separate decision for each as the seem to be related to different aspects of windows.

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