Windows2GO conversion to Internal and new build update test results


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OK here's the result of converting a windows2go install back to internal -- and updating to new build.

1) on just cloning to an internal disk from a Windows2Go install you get message at ist boot --"Please keep the USB plugged in". -- So apply the registry fix, reboot and then update works properly (note you must copy to an INTERNAL HDD though).

2) Applying the registry fix to an EXTERNAL device -- still gives message that Windows can't install to external device. The difference is that Windows update seems to do a whole slew of checking before running an update - whereas on the internal disk it just starts downloading the update and installs.

Anyway after updating you can copy back to your external device for Windows2Go systems. -- I like these as I can run with different languages, different apps, different privileges etc - and using a 2TB fast nvme(ssd type) in a small adapter I can get excellent response times and can move the device to different laptops / computers at will provided hardware isn't too different.


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