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We have been continuously enhancing Copilot’s capabilities over the past few months, focusing on everything from form creation to distribution, to make it your ultimate form creation assistant. This June, we enabled more capabilities for distributing forms, helping you boost audience engagement and increase response rates. Let’s explore the new capabilities together!

Rewrite the invitation message with Copilot

The invitation message is the first thing responders see when they receive a form. Crafting a compelling message is key to grabbing their attention and prompting a quick response. When your form is ready to go, Copilot will help you rewrite the default message, adding details like the form's topic, estimated completion time, and due date.


Rewrite the invitation message with Copilot

Respondents will receive an email invitation in Outlook or a Teams message with the customized message. They can begin filling out the form by clicking "Start now”.


Customized invitation message in Outlook


Customized invitation message in Teams

Follow up with non-responders

If you send out the form and don't receive enough responses after some time, Copilot can help you draft reminder messages to prompt respondents to reply. It offers several options, allowing you to choose your favorite and send it with just one click.


Draft a reminder with Copilot

Respondents will receive a nudge email with the personalized message in their inbox. With just one click, they can start filling out the form.


Nudge email in Outlook

Please note that a Copilot for Microsoft 365 license is required to access Copilot in Forms. Discover more about Copilot for Microsoft 365 here.



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