Installation and Upgrade Boot from USB Drive on Windows 11 PC

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This tutorial will show you how to boot from a bootable USB flash drive at boot or from within Windows 11 PC or Surface devices.


Option One

Boot from USB Drive from Advanced Startup (WinRE)

1 Connect the bootable USB drive.

2 Boot to Advanced Startup (WinRE).

3 Click/tap on Use a device. (see screenshot below)


4 Click/tap on the USB drive you want to boot from. (see screenshot below)


5 The computer will now restart and boot from the selected USB drive.

Option Two

Boot from USB Drive from Boot Menu

1 Connect the bootable USB drive.

2 Turn on or restart your PC.

3 Keep tapping the appropriate Boot Menu option key (ex: F8) until you see the Boot Menu. (see screenshot below)

The Boot Menu option key will vary per brand and model of motherboard.

- Boot Menu Option Keys For All Computers and Laptops | [Updated List 2021] | Techofide
- Hot keys for BootMenu / BIOS Settings

4 Select the USB drive you want to boot from, and click/tap Next.


Option Three

Boot from USB Drive on Surface devices

1 Shut down the Surface device.

2 Connect the bootable USB drive into the USB port on the Surface device.

3 Press and hold the volume-down button on the Surface device.

4 While continuing to hold the volume-down button, press and release the power button.

5 Continue to hold the volume-down button while the Microsoft or Surface logo appears on your screen, and release the volume-down button once spinning dots appear beneath the logo.

6 Follow the on-screen instructions to boot from the USB drive.

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