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I have very recently installed Windows 11 on a spare PC and in general I'm getting on with it very well. However, since it has been installed on a spare PC my husband uses from time to time I am worried about one thing. What I am worried about is that he is slowly but surely losing his sight and he will find this problem very confusing. Currently I can't change the colour of window titlebars particularly on file explorer folder windows. Thankfully my sight is currently more than adequate but already even I've deleted something I'd just copied simply because I had no idea whether the folder I was deleting from was active or not. In Windows 10, if a folder has the focus the titlebar is a good solid dark colour or light grey if it hasn't. In Windows 11 it just doesn't change colour and this will be no good for my husband and will make him hesitate before installing Win11 on his own PC. I'm sure that I also shall make mistakes for this reason as well.

My question therefore is: is there any way of changing the colour of folder window titlebars depending on whether it has the focus or not so we can tell at a glance which folder has the focus. It looks like it should work as I've got that particular setting set to ON in colours but its not having any effect, at least, not on my PC. So am I missing something, is this a bug or is something else stopping the setting having the desired effect?

Any help would be most appreciated if anyone has an answer.

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Version 21H2 (OS Build 22000.194)

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windows 11 uses mica material, so file explorer windows will only change the very thin colored line around the perimeter when in focus or not. All other windows (such as transfer status windows, control panel, etc) should still change to gray or something when out of focus and the chosen color when in focus (you can alter the inactive title bar color via WinaeroTweaker, btw).

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