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This tutorial will show you how to choose which OneDrive folders to sync to your computer for your account in Windows 10 and Windows 11.

You can use OneDrive to sync files and folders between your computer and the cloud, so you can get to your files from anywhere - your computer, your mobile device, and even through the OneDrive website at If you add, change, or delete a file or folder in your OneDrive folder, the file or folder is added, changed, or deleted on the OneDrive website and vice versa. You can work with your synced files directly in File Explorer and access your files even when you’re offline. Whenever you’re online, any changes that you or others make will sync automatically.

If you don't want to sync all of your folders in OneDrive (cloud) to your computer, you can choose which OneDrive folders to sync to your computer.


OneDrive syncing requires OneDrive running and you signed in to OneDrive with your Microsoft account.

EXAMPLE: OneDrive folder for account on PC

OneDrive Status icons: What do the OneDrive icons mean?


Here's How:

1 Click/tap on the OneDrive icon on the taskbar corner, click/tap on Help & Settings (gear) icon, and click/tap on Settings. (see screenshot below)


2 Click/tap on the Account tab, and click/tap on the Choose folders button. (see screenshot below)


3 Perform one of the following actions depending on which folders you want to sync or stop syncing: (see screenshots below)
  • Check Make all files available to sync all folders, and click/tap on OK.
  • Check (sync) or uncheck (stop syncing) folders you want, and click/tap on OK.

You cannot add non-OneDrive folders (such as C: and D: ).

If you uncheck a folder you are syncing to your computer, the folder will be removed from your computer. The folder and its contents will still be available online.

The sync settings you choose are unique to each computer unless you're syncing everything everywhere. Also, if you're choosing folders on two computers and you create a new folder on computer A that you want to sync to computer B, you'll need to go to computer B and select the new folder there.


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