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This tutorial will show you how to clear your device location history on demand for your account in Windows 11.

Microsoft operates a location service that helps determine the precise geographic location of your Windows device. The precise location of your device allows apps to give you directions, show shops and restaurants that are near you, and more.

Many apps and services request location information from your device, and the Windows location service gives you control over which apps are allowed to access your precise location.

When location services is turned on, each user on the device can allow apps to use their device’s location and location history to deliver location-aware services as precisely as the device supports. If you grant a specific app access to your device’s location on the settings page, that app will have access to precise location information. Otherwise the location information provided to the app has lower accuracy. When your location is used by a location-aware app or Windows service or feature, your location information and recent location history are stored on your device.

Locations looked up by apps or services will be stored and available on the device for a limited time (24 hours), then deleted.

Clearing the location history only clears the history on the device. Apps that accessed the history before it was cleared may have stored it elsewhere. Refer to your apps' privacy policies for more info.

Here's How:

1 Open Settings (Win+I).

2 Click/tap on Privacy & security on the left side, and click/tap on Location on the right side. (see screenshot below)


3 Click/tap on the Clear button for Location history. (see screenshot below)


4 You will see a check mark when location history has been cleared on this device. (see screenshot below)


5 You can now close Settings if you like.

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