Epson iProjection Stops Working on Windows 11 22H2 22622


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Windows 11
Hello everyone,

As the title said, Epson iProjection stops working (the app's running, and then the app shuts down abruptly without any UI at all)

What i've done previously:
1. Update from 22621.4 to 22622.290
2. Update Intel Graphics driver
3. Using ViveTool to enable these features:

New File Explorer UI
Android-like Default Apps selection
Advanced search

4. Reboot the laptop

Problematic device:
HP 14-bs120
INTEL CORe i5-8250U
Radeon R5 M530
RAM 16GB (User upgraded)
SSD 1TB Seagate Barracuda 120 (User upgraded)
Windows 11 22H2 22622.290

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