Free 180 day W2K22 Server trial -- absolutely love it


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Hi folks
I suggest anybody - even as a VM who wants to run a sort of "Hybrid" mix of W10/W11 with almost zero bloat and runs like greased lighning - download the Free W2K22 Server 180 days evaluation -- works really great and even as a VM will run on as little as 2GB RAM.

You get the iso so you can always install again after 180 days -- I really haven't bothered too much with W10 / W11 since I installed the Server -- download the "Desktop GUI standard edition though and if you use dism /Apply-Image to install - index=2 is the one to extract from the install iso.


I love having this as a desktop !!!! just alter a few things to get it running as a desktop rather than a full blown server. You won't be disappointed by its performance - and regular updates too.

Not what Ms intended I'm sure but so what. The only program I can't install on it is Macrium as it detects a server - but the bootable stand alone version works if you need to image the system.


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