Install Windows 11 v 22H2 using installation media.



1. Copy all contents to 10GB partition.
Also copy BypassTPMCheckSecureBoot.reg in this partition.
2. Boot from installation media.
3. Press shift+F10 at "your pc does not meet requirement"
4. x:\sources>diskpart
5. Diskpart>list vol
Note letter of any partition of hard disk ,say M: Also note volume number of 10 GB partition, say volume 4.
6. Diskpart>exit
7. x:\sources>M:
8. M:\> md NewFolder
9. M:\> x:
10 x:\sources\>diskpart
11. Diskpart:\> list vol
12 Diskpart:\>sel vol 4
13. Diskpart:\>assign mount="M:\NewFolder"
14. Diskpart:\> exit
15. x:\sources> M:
16. M:\> cd NewFolder
17. M:\NewFolder\>BypassTPMCheckSecureBoot.reg
(Not case sensitive, you can type as bypasstpmchecksecureboot.reg)
18. M:\NewFolder\> cd sources
19. M:\NewFoldet\sources:\>ren appraiserres.dll appraiserres.dll.old
20. M:\NewFoldet\sources:\> notepad
Click>New>save as>file type>all>appraiserres.dll
21. M:\NewFolder\sources>setup
Setup starts. Click Next and proceed for installation of Windows 11 v 22H2 on any partition.
Windows Build/Version
Windows 11 22H2 os build 22621.318

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