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Hi folks

I really like ODBC for pulling data out of MariaDB / MySQL data bases but it seems I need to create a new data source for every database I want data out of in MariaDB into EXCEL -- where the EXCEL query prompts for the ODBC to use - I'd like that ODBC to present a dropdown to choose the DB from MariaDB/ My SQL All working on Windows 11 with DB on NAS server running MariaDB.

Currently say I want to get details of a boat hire scheme in a DB called Boatdb into excel

Ist if it doesn't exist already I have to create a new data source using the Maria DB ODBC driver and refer to the DB I need in this case Boatdb.

The Maria DB ODBC driver works a treat but if you have many DB's then it's a pain devising a new data source for each DB

It would be better to have ONE data source and be able to dynamically add the data base !!!

e.g as it works now -- in the spread sheet choose data (6th item in my spreadsheet at the top : Gögn should be Data in English)

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The data pulled in OK -- the Power query in Excel /365 (or I'm using 2021 LTSC) is brilliant - but if there's a way of "generalising" the ODBC driver -- brilliant if someone can do it. Ok in this one I've hosed up the date format and the price needs to format properly (that's because probably I've got date in US format and using a ',' for the decimal point instead of '.' which was my messing around with data loading into a test data base.

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