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This tutorial will show you how to manually refresh items in a File Explorer window for your account in Windows 11.

Normally when an item in a File Explorer window is changed, it will auto-refresh by default to reflect the change. Sometimes it may not auto-refresh though, and you may need to manually refresh the File Explorer window to force it to update.


Option One

Refresh using Keyboard Shortcut

1 Press the F5 key.

Option Two

Refresh using Refresh Icon next to Address Bar

1 Click/tap on the Refresh icon to the left of the address bar in File Explorer. (see screenshot below)


Option Three

Refresh using Legacy Context Menu

1 Right click or press and hold on the background of the File Explorer window. (see screenshots below)

2 Click/tap on Show more options (Shift + Right click).

3 Either click/tap on Refresh or press the e access key.


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