Simple openvpn server on Ubuntu and Centos VM (windows client works)


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Hi folks
Messing around with your own private vpn isn't so easy for some folks

However if you are used to the command line simply install centos 8 as a VM - don't bother with a GUI etc

and it's easy to set up a private VPN server -- all you need is a decent Internet connection as you will be accessing stuff from your own system from across the Internet.

or for those who want Ubuntu

The "5 Minutes" is a bit optimistic -- but worth a go. Install your VM to an external USB drive so you don't mess up any Windows disks.

Remember Centos isn't the most leading edge stuff but it works !! and for a bog standard private vpn what more do you want. You can use other VM's for all the fancy stuff.

Hint -- for text editing use nano in the VM or send to windows via ssh, use a text editor like notepad and send back to the VM. Filezilla on windows is good for file retrieval and submission (for transmitting files though ensure openssh-server is enabled (from the install optional features) in Windows.

Really is "Seeeeemples" although 5 mins took me more like 35 -- and I'm used to VM's. Here's it on a Debian 11 VM. (If you use Debian - remove the initial iso from the "repositories list or you'll get a nag wanting a mount !!).


Have fun !!

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