Snap assistant does not work with mouse/touchpad


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Windows 11

I have a bit strange issue - snap assistant stopped working.

Use W11 on Dell Latitude 5501, it's pretty fresh install (week or two ago). Snap assistant is enabled, everything should work correctly, but it doesn't: works only with keyboard shortcuts (win key + arrows), not with mouse/touchpad and dragging any app windows to left/right of the screen.

Googled about that, checked possible options:

  • disabled all items from autostart: no result
  • tried different drivers: no result
  • tried different scaling options: no results (daily use with 100%)
  • install insider beta:... no results
  • sfc/diskpart scanning: no errors, everything is fine
Do not have any idea what can be wrong.

It worked fine before system reinstall for many months, now it's broken
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stable and beta 22622.598

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