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This tutorial will show you how to unlink a device from the Microsoft Store for your Microsoft account.

The Microsoft Store allows you to use up to 10 devices with your Microsoft account.

If you can't download apps and games (content), you've reached your Microsoft Store device limit. Unlink a device you don't use or have access to, then go to Microsoft Store and try again.

Once you unlink a device, it no longer counts toward your device limit. If you download an app or game on this device later, it will count towards your device limit again.


EXAMPLE: "You’re at the limit for the number of devices that can be used with games and apps from the Store." error


Here's How:

1 Go to the page at Microsoft, and sign in with your Microsoft account if not already.

2 Click/tap on Unlink for a device you want to remove from counting towards your device limit. (see screenshot below)


3 Click/tap on Unlink to confirm. (see screenshot below)


4 Click/tap on Close. (see screenshot below)


5 Repeat the steps above to unlink (remove) any other devices you want.

That's it,
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