Updated my Asus Pc ( 2016 ) to Windows 11Pro


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windows 11 Pro 22H2
I took the plunge in updating my Asus K31ADE pc ( purchased 2016 ) which did not meet the requirements for Windows 11 so i used the Github ByPassWin11 Media method.
Had to try a few times as message popped up stating missing wim.dll file while creating iso file.
Finally,updated Windows 10 21H1 to Windows 11 Pro....and boy...this time everything smoothly, no problems with updates and all my settings and personal files and my 3rd party programs were all there when booted up pc and did not have to install any....now i know what creating a system image is all about.
Obviously, i had to some tweaking to Windows 11 to my personal preference.

I am happy so far...and now i have master Remove- Appxpackage method via Powershell to get rid of some Windows 11 Pro bloatware and have tried the
Bloatware Removal Utility program but does not many.
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Updated Version Windows 11 Pro 21H2 build version 22000.918

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    windows 11 Pro 22H2
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