WinToUSB Windows 11 + Windows 10 on the same SSD?



Is it possible to have Windows 11 + Windows 10 (WinToUSB) on the same external SSD?

I'm using this software:


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Yes, you can have two OSes on same target SSD provided the SSD is divided into separate partitions. Windows 11 Disk Management program does the job adequately, but there is plenty of third party alternatives to choose from.
WinToUSB prepares the USB installation media ready for a Windows installation. That is a different stage of the installation process.

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Is it possible to have Windows 11 + Windows 10 (WinToUSB) on the same external SSD?

I'm using this software:

Don't bother with that software -- can be done 100% in bog standard Windows.

The best and easiest (and quickest - and FREE) software is Windows itself !!! in this case,

Simply have vhdx files ---

on the external disk -- one partition efi (size 100 formatted, rest of disk as one bog standard ntfs partition

Now on the external disk create your vhdx files for W10 and W11 (diskpart -> select disk xxxx, create vdisk file=xxxx.vhdx maximum {size you want --W11 must be 64 GB min} type - fixed -- attach vdisk etc

Install the windows system(s) by DISM /Apply-Image etc

Now this is the trick for getting the "WintoGo" bit

on the external drive look for the efi partition of 100mb -- assign it say as S:

For each windows system do this in turn, --you need to boot either any iso / macrium (PE stand alone version, not the RE version) into command line

Assume the windows install is on vol W now install the bootloader to the EFI partition (the boot partition the computer will use - not to be confused with the "C" partition of Windows.)

cd w:\windows\system32


bcdboot w:\windows /s S: /f UEFI

now boot your external usb drive -- you should get the standard Blue boot menu with a choice of W10/W11 and you can change the default etc.

Have fun :


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