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This tutorial will show you how to pair a pen with your Windows 11 PC.

You can pair a pen via Bluetooth to connect the pen with your Windows 11 PC and use with the pen menu.


Here's How:

1 Open Settings (Win+I).

2 Click/tap on Bluetooth & devices on the left side. (see screenshot below step 4)

3 Turn on Bluetooth if not already.

4 Click/tap on Add device. (see screenshot below)


5 Click/tap on Bluetooth. (see screenshot below)


6 Make sure your pen is in pairing mode.

Usually for pairing mode, you will need to press and hold the top button on the pen for a few seconds until a light is solid or blinks.

You may need to read the manual for your pen for its specific pairing mode instructions.

7 Click/tap on your pen when it has been discovered to connect it. (see screenshot below)


8 Click/tap on Done when pairing the pen has been successfully completed and now connected. (see screenshot below)


9 You will now see your pen listed as a connected device in Settings > Bluetooth & devices when discovered. (see screenshot below)


10 You can now close settings if you like.

That's it,
Shawn Brink



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