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Hey, first i dont know if its a bug or just a setting issue or something :

i use 2 sceens. on both screens i activated the task bar.
First problem here : on the 2nd screen is no clock -> i can tfind a setting to activate the clock on 2nd screen
next problem : when i press "start" on the 2nd screen, the widgets are not working. i can click or press anything i want on the start window-> its just closing.
its like a fake taskbar without start window functions :/

anyone experienced the same or know how to fix that ?
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Windows 11 Version 21H2 Build: 22000.194

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Okay. i fixed the bug with switch between all settings for the taskbar on second screen. -> only show active, show all , etc.
at the end i use the same setting then before but somehow that fixed it. i can actually use now the start window on second screen.

now there is only the clock i also want on the second screen :>

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    Windows 11

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