Virtualization Enable or Disable Always Run WSA in Background in Windows 11

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This tutorial will show you how to change WSA to be open in the background As needed, Partially running or Continuous for your account in Windows 11.

Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) enables your Windows 11 device to run Android apps available from the Amazon Appstore.

Subsystem resources setting lets you choose if you want the Windows Subsystem for Android to be open in the background and always ready to open mobile apps.

You can select to have WSA open in the background As needed, Partially running, or Continuous.

As needed
  • If there are no other mobile apps open, the first mobile app you open might take a little longer to start.
  • System resources are only used when mobile apps are in use.
Partially running
  • The subsystem will have minimal resources, but apps launch quicker than if you were in As needed mode.
  • Mobile apps open faster.
  • System resources that are used for mobile apps are always in use, even if there aren't any mobile apps open.


Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) is being deprecated beginning March 5, 2025

Here's How:

1 Open the Windows Subsystem for Android™️ Settings app from Start > All apps.

2 Click/tap on System on the left side of Windows Subsystem for Android™️ Settings. (see screenshot below)

3 Click/tap on Memory and performance to expand it open.

4 Select (dot) As needed (default), Partially running, or Continuous for what you want under Subsystem resources.

5 You can now close Windows Subsystem for Android™️ Settings if you like.


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