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From the small screen to the big screen X is changing everything. Soon we’ll bring real-time, engaging content to your smart TVs with the X TV App. This will be your go-to companion for a high-quality, immersive entertainment experience on a larger screen. We’re still building it but here's a sneak peak of what you can expect:

-- Trending Video Algorithm: Stay updated with tailored popular content.
-- AI-Powered Topics: Organize videos by subject for a personalized experience. Seamless
-- Cross-Device Experience: Start watching on your phone, continue on your TV.
-- Enhanced Video Search: Find content faster with our improved video search.
-- Effortless Casting: Enjoy your favorite videos on the big screen with simple casting from your mobile devices.
- Wide Availability: Coming soon to most smart TVs.

We'll keep you updated. And of course please share your ideas. We build X for our community!!

Looks good -- I'd go for this one -- so long s it's not one of those new fangled hideous subscription things !!!!. -If it becomes paid software then I always prefer a one off payment rather than endless monthly subs even if they are as low as €4.00 a month.


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