Crash after Easy Anti-Cheat initiliazing and before Msi Afterburner pop up.- Lords of The Fallen


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Hi. PC:

14900K stock with NZXT kraken elite 360, 2x16GB DDR5 6800,rtx 4090,Seasonic Px 1600,SSD 2TB,Aorus Z790 Elite X.

I discovered weird bug. Everytime when i install newest drivers 555.85 or 552.44 it happens.

When i launch game Hogwart Legacy ( yes i know how can be this related ,but i tried three times ), play few minutes, then quit game, and then launch Lords of The fallen i get the launch screen with the Easy ANTI-CHEAT, it says Initializing... on the bottom right side, Waiting for Game... and then launch screen appeared ( black screen ) and it returned to desktop without error. Just before Msi Afterburner pops up when you launching game informing that game may crash with this on.

Happened three times,not able to reproduce. Should i be worried ? Is pc not stable or it was glitch?



2 screen:

Like you see it not showed msi Afterburner pop up ,it just quit to desktop.

Its not in shader compilation. This working ok. Its just a way before. Shader compilation is more later and this is fine. I asked about that first screen when game launch.

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