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Sometimes I use DISM++ to clean my hd instead of clean WinSxS folder with dism command, so I have this useful (but risky) portable tool on my pc, I saw there is an update (last was gen 2020) downloaded Dism++
Dism++ | New Windows Utility
and looking at the changelog on the program (not on the website) I saw some Win11 things but is an Hong Kong developer so is all in chinese and I understand nothing.
Searching online doesn't help. At the moment I don't use it (or others cleanning tools that are not compatible on Win11)
Changelog saing this:

Dism++ 10.1.1002.1 2021秋季更新 16:57 2021/8/29======================================
1. 解决Bug,32位系统无法使用wsusscn3.cab问题。
2. 解决Bug,WinSxS清理支持Windows 10 19041以及Windows 11。
3. 解决[Bug 902](https://github.com/Chuyu-Team/Dism-Multi-language/issues/902), 修复TOC包不支持差异传输问题(反馈者 红毛樱木)。
4. 新增Fea,基于Github服务提供wsuscan3.cab的自动更新支持。
5. 新增Fea,添加只读hosts修改支持。
6. 新增Fea,支持Windows 11的Windows Update专用基于psf的补丁(感谢 毛利收集信息)。
7. 新增Fea,添加若干Bug。
In google translate seem it is supporting Win 11

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