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Hi folks
If anybody is using Windows VM's on Linux distros using the KVM/QEMU system there's a newer version of the "Virtio" Windows Guest drivers e.g Video, network, etc etc. These perform approx equivalent functions to "Guest additions" in VBOX and "VMWare tools" in VMWARE WKS and player although there's more functionality.

Download the iso, attach to your virtual machine and run the Guest-tools install exe. Although from Fedora / Aka - Red Hat and now a part of IBM so a decent source --this is a generic Windows guest installer and should work on any distro where you've got Windows VM's using the KVM/QEMU system. Updated also for newer W11 drivers and also has some XP ones if you are running XP VM's. For XP VM's install drivers manually (right mouse click against the.inf file and choose install).

e.g running XP and W11 VM's concurrently - virtio drivers gives full screen to WinXP as well - large monitors and HDMI were still too expensive for people back then and the video drivers at the time weren't great either -- remember 640 x 480 VGA !!!!


For sound on XP choose the Ac97 driver , for Win 10/Win 11 it's ICH9/10. In both cases its QXL for the best video (and from the ISO is the "Balloon" driver if you do it manually). That way full screen resolution works especially the pesky 1920 X 1080 one and if you have 4K UHD monitors that works too on full screen.

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