MWC 2024: New Dell NPU-equipped AI PCs with Windows 11 and Copilot key

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At Mobile World Congress, Dell updated its commercial portfolio with neural processing units (NPUs) built into its latest lineup of Windows 11 laptops and mobile workstations to accelerate AI processes.

With these PCs and their AI-accelerated engines, businesses can collaborate more effectively, work more securely and create content faster.

Across these PCs, help is always at hand with Microsoft Copilot in Windows 11. These laptops have the new built-in Copilot key, providing faster access to your everyday AI companion in Windows 11, harnessing the capabilities of AI to make the things you do every day easier. Features include helping you summarize web pages and change settings.  

Someone working on a Dell Latitude 7350 as seen close-up and in profile

Latitude 7350 Detachable

With the Latitude 7350 Detachable, professionals can work fully docked at a desk or take it wherever they want as a tablet or laptop. Intelligent thermal modes ensure that the device runs up to 51% faster in laptop mode. It includes a pair of high-resolution 8MP cameras. The user-facing camera also includes HDR technology for a high-quality picture in unpredictable lighting conditions. The display has a 3k resolution with ComfortView Plus to reduce harmful blue light. With the new NPU, Windows Studio effects can correct eye gaze, auto-frame the user and blur their background.

Laptop open and seen from above

Precision 5490

Dell’s new mobile and fixed Precision workstations provide the power to run AI workloads securely and cost effectively. With the new Precision 3000 and 5000 Series mobile workstations, Dell is actively advancing its “AI-inside” initiative by introducing the new Intel Ultra Core processors. These processors have a NPU designed to drive AI features in more than 100 applications, enabling them to operate with optimized speed and power efficiency. The NPU effectively offloads tasks from the CPU or GPU, which translates to less battery discharge so you can work for longer without plugging in. These new CPUs also have faster Intel Arc Integrated Graphics to provide improved performance for graphic and video applications. The professional NVIDIA RTX graphics within these mobile workstations, as well as fixed workstations, will continue to deliver performance for industry applications.

Laptop open and facing left

Precision 3591

The Precision 3280 CFF (Compact Form Factor) is a new space-saving form factor built for light AI development and creative applications. It supports Tensor Core GPUs and enhanced central processing unit (CPU) performance with the latest 14th Gen Intel Core processors and new thermal solutions.

Find out more about these and other devices Dell announced at MWC.


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