Anker 737 Powerbank - What Cable Do I Need To Charge It?

Okay that is interesting then. By the way do you travel much or rarely? Do you bring your laptop outside normally or you pretty much use it inside only? Like bringing a laptop to a cafe or something like that.

I got to assume you never have a power issue at home right like with power outages? Do you an iphone or android phone?

I'm not sure how people get 7.5 hours on an xps or most laptops in general. When you say you were checking forums and writing on microsoft word with 70% brightness, you obviously were taking breaks during the entire time right? I can't imagine you were using it straight 7.5 hours web browsing and and writing? The thing is no laptop i ever bought ever came close to whatever is the battery estimate. Example chromebook they estimate 10 hours or more and rarely would I ever get more than 3.5 hours at the most. However, this is with me using it straight and brightness 100% though. The only way a chromebook would last very long is if I use it for a bit and then it gets idle repeated etc. I can't imagine a dell xps even last that long unless it was idle many times throughout. Even if you have brightness lowered, I don't know how this is possible unless it's like a macbook.

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