Solved Windows 11 completely freezing up

Hello again everyone!

I seem to have found the solution for the problem. It was indeed the DCOM error causing the complete lock up of the system.

I followed the following guide to fix the issue:

The error still shows up in device manager but the lock up have stopped.

Hope this can help someone in the future.

Thanks to everyone for their suggestions!

Scrap all of what I've said in the above.

Half a month later and the problem still persisted, until I found the culprit last week.

It was a pre-loaded app called Planet9 Gaming that came with my Nitro 5.

I previously had some issues with this app and thought about uninstalling just to see if it solved any issues and it seems to have been the answer.

DCOM error still occuring but without any effect.

I hope this can help someone in this predicament.

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  • OS
    Windows 11
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    Acer Nitro 5
    24GB DDR4
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