Is there a Winpe / ADK for W11 yet


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Hi folks
Is there a downloadable ADK / Winpe for W11 anywhere yet -- I want to deploy some images and WINPE seems the best way to do it without a load of messy installs aon a number of PC's. Somehow I got lumbered with the job of doing this although it's not normally my area of expertise.
Glad of any assistance here -- I know how to do it for W10 but probably need the W11 files to avoid the "This PC isn't capable of running W11" messages on perfectly capable PC's !!!

Edit : Found it -- My error had google in wrong language !!!!


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You can also use WinRE.wim since it's based on WinPE and it's already on your computer if you have a recovery partition.
  • Identify your recovery volume in Disk Management
  • Open dispart and run list vol
  • Identifiy your recovery vol (usually by size)
  • Run select vol #
  • Type assign to give it the next available drive letter
  • Drop out of diskpart and navigate to the drive (Ex: D:\Recovery\WindowsRE)
  • The WIM file is there as Winre.wim copy it to a desired location and remove the H and S attributes

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