WSL and non systemd versions of Linux (for full desktop GUI's)


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Hi folks

I've been messing around with this for a while now --the biggest drawback so far is the systemd mechanism / dbus for starting and enabling services. Some convoluted mechanisms are there (genie for example) but not really satisfactory.

I've found that ARTIX-LINUX with KDE is a simple way now of getting a decent desktop on the WSL in W11 and with KDE too. (I hate the GNOME desktop) -- ARTIX Linux is based on Arch Linux (compatible witk repos and AUR) and is a nice lightweight Linux distro. This is built from the base up not using systemd so getting desktop services started etc is a doddle -- and for tghe Windows X-Server it simply uses GWSL (Free) and works reliably (VCXSRV / XLAUNCH is a bit unpredictable at times)

I think future Linux distos will "retire systemd" soon in any case making this whole process much more seamless.

The advantage of this over using HYPER-V is that you are on real hardware (HYPER-V can use a load too but you need all sorts of effdort to enable passthru of devices etc) and it works surprisingly fast - even on fairly "average laptops".

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