An observation about Realtek driver for RTL8153


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Windows 11
I came across an odd issue with Realtek driver USB_Win11_11.4.0211.2022_20_03222022. I have two USB 3 docks, one from Wavlink and a no-name I bought from Newegg. Both use this driver as both have RTL8153 chips. On an Evoo Gateway laptop running Win11, the driver runs fine with both USB 3 docks. When used on an Acer laptop running Win 11 both docks have a download speed of >0.5 Mb/s as compared to 80Mb/s (typical). The upload speed is fine. I uninstalled the driver and reinstalled it several times with the same outcome. When I rolled back driver to Win 10 driver, the speed was back up to 78Mb/s.

I am not sure what is going on but be careful with updating your Realtek USB GbE family driver. The Win 11 version may be a downgrade on some PCs The version of Win 11 shown is for the Acer.
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