Solved Couldn't sign into Google Drive on new Win 11 install. How I fixed it.


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So....I finally got around to clean installing Windows 11 Pro on one of my Dell desktops. The install went well, until I tried to install Google Drive for Desktop (the latest version 7.0.20). When I finished the install, it prompted me to 'sign in with browser'. I dutifully clicked on OK, Microsoft Edge opened (the only browser I had on the PC at that moment), entered my Google account info...and got a screen asking if I had downloaded a genuine copy of Google Drive. Answered THAT in the affirmative, only to get a screen that said "Something went wrong. Try again." and a Google Drive icon shadowed out in the Notification Area.

Deleted, downloaded and reinstalled the app repeatedly, cleared the Drive cache, chatted with Goggle Drive Support twice (who seemed more fixated about getting screen shots and the fact I was using Edge than actually answering questions - Advanced Support wanted a video!) to no avail.

Finally figured it out on my own - copied the URL of the web address Google wanted me to sign in with from Edge to a newly installed Google Chrome. And the sign in worked at last and I have a working Google Drive for Desktop

Posting this just in case someone else runs into this nonsense.
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