Solved Explorer.exe Crashing every 2 seconds.


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Windows 11

My computer has explorer.exe crashing every 2 seconds with a white screen.

I ran's tool with every fix, but it still crashes.

Another thing to add is that in Safe Mode it still does the same thing.

Ive attached an error message image I get when I try to end task explorer from task manager. Sometimes I get that message, sometimes it ends explorer, & sometimes I get a message saying something like 'this action is not valid.

Any help please? Let me know if you need more information.

- Ember.85e55e3f-21d0-4b60-b2fa-de8b8d3743f9~2.png
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Hi all,

I fixed the problem by moving explorer.exe from C:/Windows to the System32 folder. No more crashes.

Thanks to everyone who read =)
- Ember

My Computer

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    Windows 11
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