Macrium Reflect Home v 8.0.6758 Rescue Media Issue

There is an issue which you may come across with creating Rescue Media with Reflect Home v 8.0.6758.

If you updated to v 8.0.6758 Home with an in-situ upgrade from MR, then you will not hit this issue.

However, if you did a clean install of v 8.0.6758 Home, you probably will.

On booting from a newly created v 8.0.6758 Rescue Disc, MR will report that it cannot find any back-ups to restore – either images or file & folder back-ups.

Work Around

Click on ‘Browse for an Image’, or, ‘Edit’

In either case, browse to your MR back-up folder and select the image or file & folder back-up you wish to use.

Then restore your selected back-up as normal.



In Windows open your start menu and then access Regedit and navigate to -


Next locate the key CopyRecentFoldersToPE.

Right click and select Modify

Ensure the Value is set to 1


If the CopyRecentFoldersToPE key does not exist then right click the empty space and click New > DWORD (32bit) Value


Name it CopyRecentFoldersToPE

Next set the value to 1 by modifying the key.

Once done, open Macrium Reflect and go to Create Rescue Media, hold the CTRL key on your keyboard and go to Build > Force WIM Rebuild.


Once you have recreated your Rescue Media, boot it and you will be able to see your images / file & folder back-ups in the Existing Backups tab.

Source: Macrum Reflect Support
OS: Windows 11 Pro v 22H2 (Build 22621.105)
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