None of my devices find each other over wifi


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PC, tablet (Galaxy Tab A), phone (Huawei P20 Lite). I need them to find each other in order to transfer files in an app.

The app is TouchOSC. Running the app on tablet, phone and PC communicates just fine with target app (REAPER) on PC. However, if I desing a layout on the PC I need to transfer it to the tablet. The way to do this is with Editor Network in TouchOSC. Set the desktop version as Server. On the tablet or phone, set them as clients. When they connect the currently open layout is transferred.

The problem is that neither the phone nor the tablet see the PC when I tap Browse. Searching... goes on forever. If I fill in the PC's IP and port and tap Connect I get Connecting... forever.

Any suggestions? Or do you think the problem is too app specific?

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I know nothing about that app.

Do the devices see each other when using Windows networking? I would have thought that was a necessary prerequisite unless they are connected by cabling that only that app understands.

I can only advise about Windows networking but some of the standard checks might have equivalents in your [Android?] tablet & phone.
A consolidated network setup checklist for Windows 10 and 11 - my post #4 - TenForums


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