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Hi folks
What do you need to do to get sensible HYPER-V HOST to GUEST communication -- no problems with GUEST to HOST so there's obviously something with Networking on the Host.

With KVM / QEMU -- I've had zero problems with this stuff -- even with an old XP VM having no problems whatsoever communicating with another VM (W11) on the same host and the Host itself and also the HOST being able to communicate with the VM's.

I don't care whether it's type 1 or 2 -- I just want Networking to be fit for purpose.

E.G W11 and XP VM's running concurrently on the host : (A linux NAS server running Arch Linux).


The Old XP system also has no problems seeing other machines on the network (ok you need to enable SMB1 but that's been known for years).

XP network map


Try on HYPER-V and it's broken straight away. !!!

I'm trying to set up a Windows server to handle this stuff -- honestly it's taking me days for stuff I could have done in 30 mins on another Host ("Shhh" !'m not allowed to say that any more). I know Windows works brilliantly for thousands / many hundreds of thousands of people but why is Networking so complex -- I know I'm a bit biased but it just seems to work even straight OOB from "The Other OS". I quite like Windows actually -- apart from Networking which always seems to be to be a huge DOG.

OK Most aren't running old OS'es but surely one of the "sellling points of VM's" is that they should work and be able to run legacy hardware and software until the "end of the Universe".

I DO need this XP system as it does all my bespoke Vinyl cutting discs for people who want their own music on these vinyls. -- the hardware and studio software still works perfectly although only on XP -- quite a nice sideline especially now blank Vinyls are readily sourceable and cheap.!!. Updating the equipment is around 60,000USD !!!! and I'm not in anything like that market --I only do this as a bit of a sideline hobby for a few "extra Euros" pocket money!!!.

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