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This tutorial will show you how to test a microphone to hear how recorded audio will sound in Windows 11.

In Windows 11, you can test your microphone to see the result percentage of total input volume.

Starting with Windows 11 build 26052 (Dev and Canary), you can now choose either a Default or Communications test mode for audio processing to hear how recorded audio will sound.

Here's How:

1 Open Settings (Win+I).

2 Click/tap on System on the left side, and click/tap on Sound on the right side. (see screenshot below)


3 Under the Advanced section, click/tap on All sound devices. (see screenshot below)


4 Under Input devices, click/tap on the microphone (ex: "Logitech BRIO") you want to test. (see screenshot below)


5 Select Default or Communications in the Test mode for microphone audio processing drop menu for the test mode you want to use. (see screenshot below)


6 Click/tap on the Start test button when ready to test the microphone at the current input volume. (see screenshot below)


7 Talk or play audio at a normal level for a few seconds.

8 Click/tap on the Stop test button when finished. (see screenshot below)

The microphone test will automatically stop after 5 seconds.


9 Click/tap on the Play button to play the recorded sample to hear how the audio sounds. (see screenshot below)


10 You can now adjust the microphone's input volume as needed, and repeat the microphone test until the recorded audio sounds how you want it at t the volume you want it.

That's it,
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