Win 11 Network visibility issues (Win 7 and Win 10)


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Windows 11
I have 3 computers (Win 7 ult, win 10 Home, Win 11 Pro) all linked to the same 2.4Ghz private wireless network
Router shows all 3 PCs connected and assigned IP addresses
Win 7 (Network Discovery on. Logon Passwd1) can see win 10 and Win 11 but cant access them (Windows cannot access \\PCNAME)
Win 10 (Network Discovery on. NO Logon Passwd) can see win 7 and Win 11 but cant access them (Windows cannot access \\PCNAME)
Win 11 (Network Discovery on. Logon Passwd2) can't see either Win 10 or Win11. Also does not show the router but does show the wireless printer. Win 11 an access the rotuer via its IP address.
Win11 Firewall is OFF
Trying to access via \\IP address fails. Network troubleshooting says conputer appears to be correctly configured but the device or resource (IP address) is not responding

Any suggestions on how I can get these computers to talk to each other.
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